• March 2015 Wrap-Up

    Thanks all who attended and planned our great March events! We started the month off with a Get Involved Night/Accessory Exchange event hosted by Corinne Cooper, where members could learn more about committee and leadership roles in DGAN, and we also traded new and gently used accessories. Next, we held a How To Make Coasters program led by Meghan Hunt & hosted by Sarah Ganesan, where attendees learned how to make personalized coasters for their homes or to use as gifts. Later in the month, we included our significant others for a fun night of bowling at the Tivoli.

    Our Mom & Tot chairs have been extra busy this month, with playdates at Westmont Yard, the Downers Grove Park District and Mariano’s. Late in the month, we had a really well-attended night of bunco at Kelly Matusiak’s house, and our friends at Little Giraffe Foundation joined us to accept a sizeable check to the organization based on our fundraising efforts for the 2014-15 year. Finally, our month culminated in a great (if a little chilly!) Easter Egg Hunt at the Gilbert Park. Thanks to our Easter Bunny Assistants — Kim Noldin, Aisling Goff, Swapna Gigani and Amy Roe for putting together such a great family event.

    We hope you all enjoyed the events this month and we look forward to seeing you this spring!