• Gearing up for the fall

    Our 2014-2015 membership year has come to an end and we’re excited for the upcoming membership year. If you haven’t already renewed or you’re interested in joining for the first time, please reach out to Amanda Wiley, our VP of membership for more info at dganmembers@gmail.com.
    We are looking forward to welcoming returning members and meeting new members at our Annual Kickoff Party on Sept 24th at Parkers American on Highland at 8pm. Stop by and meet some fellow Downers Grove area women.
    We have tons of events lined up for the fall and winter including:
    Fall Family Arabian Nights event, Couples Wine Tasting charity event, a Chicago Wolves game, Chugga Chugga Brew Brew, more How-to events, Breakfast with Santa, our Fall Photo Party and so much more!